More Work on Project 4

What I Did/Why I Did It

So I planned on working in InDesign but there were formatting issues so I attempted to save the file in another format so I could work on my pages but this was unsuccessful. Since I was planning on editing my pages there wasn’t much for me to do so I had to work on the smaller things. I designed a logo for Drosselmeyer’s Toys to use on the order form/mailer as well as on other pages. This took the entire class period because I had to group the text with the image and I’m not tech-savvy at all.

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P4 Work Day

What I Did/Why I Did It

I finished creating the content for the customer testimonials. I will need to transfer this to InDesign to design the page further. I also collected photos for my assets and began creating my order form. These things take longer than expected which is why I am making slow progress on this project.

“Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.”

-Charles Baudelaire

Revision Plan

I got great feedback and ideas about my project. After speaking with my reviewers, I know that I also want to create an owner testimonial as well as include an order form for purchasing toys. I think these are great ways to include more linguistic and visual aspects to my project.

In order to finish my project, I need to complete these pages and convert them to PDFs. I then need to upload them to my flip book for “publishing.”

Also, I need to determine the way I will present my project. I think it will be enough to open the flip book online and flip through the pages giving a brief description of each and my reasoning behind creating the individual aspects.

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Preparing Rough Cut

What I Did/Why I Did It

I continued to collect images without copyright restrictions and file those away for later use. I also finalized the designs of my featured toy ad and owner bio pages. I will need to upload these as PDF files so that I can insert them onto my publication on FlipHTML5.

I also begin writing the information for the other toy pages. These will be the next pages I focus on.

One thing I am struggling with is finding music that is not copyrighted so I can incorporate it into my catalog. I think this would be a neat touch but I’m not sure if it is feasible.


“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.”

-Hopi Proverb

Documenting Assets

What I Did/Why I Did It

For the online class today, I worked in InDesign to create my ad as well as an owner bio. I collected images and wrote the content. These are currently in the draft stage but they will be finished by this weekend.


Like most magazines and catalogs do I will be citing the source directly under the image like this example from People Magazine. I am mimicking the style of real publishings because this is how readers would expect it to appear. Under the writings that I create, I will state “By: Maggie Hutzel.” This way, I am making myself as the author readily evident. Furthermore, the date of the publication will be listed at the bottom of the catalog so that readers ave a general understanding of the time frame when these were written and can use them as a reference.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.37.05 AM(This picture makes me wish I was doing the same thing… or eating a donut)



What I Did/Why I Did It

Here are the mock-ups for two pages that I will be including in Drosselmeyer’s toy company catalogue. These are the two pieces that I will be working on in InDesign from now until Friday and according to my timeline I plan to have these done by Monday.  Since my last post, I have begun exploring InDesign and figuring out features that I can use to create the PDFs to go into my catalogue. I also began tracking my sources and collecting images to use for my project. I created a table to keep track of where I got them from to help me down the road. Everything is coming along…slowly but surely!IMG_3043IMG_3044

Timeline for Project 4

What I Did/Why I Did It

I explored the tool FlipHTML5 because I want to create a catalogue for Drosselmeyer’s toy company. I think that this is a great tool that will allow me to take risks with InDesign as well as learning how to use the tool itself.

I also brainstormed ideas to include in my catalogue. I want to create an ad for Drosselmeyer’s puppetry performances, create a featured toy of the month, include an about the owner section, as well as incorporate a page or two where readers can view/purchase the toys. I want a variety of writing and pictures as well as different styes of content to make the catalogue interesting.

I looked at a few examples of company catalogues to get inspiration for design and layout. I have never designed anything before, especially not of this length so I needed to do some research to see what is already out there.

Here is the timeline that I created to keep me on track for this project.

Work Schedule

4/13-4/15: Brainstorm content and create draft of storyboard

4/15-4/19: Design and complete content for ad and owner bio

4/20-4/22: Design and complete content for featured toy

4/23-4/26: Design and complete content for toy catalogue and mock article

4/27-5/29: Design front cover of catalogue

{In-class presentation sometime between 4/29-5/6}

4/30-5/3: Create visual/photo element for 2 page spread

5/4-5/6: Last minute additions of creative touches and writing reflection memo

Project 4 Proposal

The story that I decided to remix is The Nutcracker. I’ve chosen to focus on the scenes where the character Clara is taken on an adventure through the Kingdom of Sweets. What I want to do is create a digital scrapbook of her journey and have a page for each character that she meets along the way. I could use the tool Smilebox which is a free digital scrapbooking tool. This tool will incorporate all of the modes of communication. The scrapbook itself is a visual thing. The use of captions is the linguistic mode. The pages of the scrapbook can be flipped which incorporates the gestural mode and the facial expressions on the characters in the images I will include will be gestural as well. Finally, the aural mode can be incorporated by uploading music and sound effects.

Here are the list of sources that will guide me throughout this project:


I’m still not sold on this idea so I will be sure to update this as things progress. I know there is an awesome idea waiting out there to be found I just need to find it.

Exploring Project 4

After looking through some of the examples of remix a story projects, I noticed a few things that made projects stand out as strong projects. Those projects that incorporated more modes of communication made them more interesting and interactive. Since this project is creative and fun, it makes sense to create something that is both creative and fun.

The projects that also put a modern twist on classic stories engaged myself as a reader more. Even though I have heard most of the classic fairytale and fiction stories as a child and can connect in that aspect, I still found the projects that maintained the basic plot of the story but added a modern twist such as referencing currents events or trends, more interesting.

I think the Hunger Games, Time Magazine Edition did the best job digitizing a story. It looks very professional and life-like. I could see that in printed form and being distributed. Having the ability to flip pages using the FlipHTML5 interface makes it seem as though I’m actually reading a magazine but provides that modern twist I was talking about since everything is online now a days.

Here is a list of stories I’m considering working with:

  1. The Nutcracker
  2. The Little Mermaid
  3. Swan Lake
  4. Peter Pan

I’m considering these because they are all some of the most popular and most famous ballets. I have performed a role in each of these and it all ties back to my online identity. I also think people know these stories so I wouldn’t have a problem in that aspect and I doubt a lot of other people have used these stories before so I can do something new and different.

“I feel like dance, by its nature, goes so easily to grand and beautiful.”

           -Ira Glass


Exploring Other Tools

To be honest, I don’t think I would use any of the tool presented today. I feel like there are tools that already exist which provide better features and are more prominently used as a result. However, Thematic seemed the most interesting. I could string together images from a trip to make my presentation more gestural and visual than simply uploading an album to Facebook. This tool is similar to Instagram which I use daily. Multiple photos can be uploaded in a sort of timeline fashion which I think could be entertaining although I don’t take professional enough photos to make an impressive project. For my purposes I think I am just going to stick to Instagram because I can upload low-quality photos or even videos and edit them how I please.


“I come from a dancing background, and I know it’s stereotypical, but I would dance because I wasn’t comfortable speaking to people.”

           -Carrie Ann Inaba