Creating a Blog

What I Did

Today I created a wordpress blog and named it, Writing and Digital Media. I don’t think I’ll stick with this generic title because it doesn’t really say much about myself or my work, only that I’m in this course. As my work throughout the course progresses I will hopefully be able to come up with a name that encompasses my portfolio. The tagline that I chose, “Dance like everybody’s watching,” comes from my online identity project. This may also change if I find something that fits better with my work. I chose a theme that is simple, yet interesting. I will continue to play around with the theme and choice of words. I also hope to include pictures and embed links to videos, maybe even some of me dancing to tie the theme all together.

Why I Did It

This blog will serve as a canvas for all of my work throughout the course. I hope that it will reflect my personal style, unique to me, but also professional. The tagline is very fitting to my life online and in person which is why I chose it. I think it is unique and tells a little bit about myself but again, it is subject to change.

“I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of man–the landscape of his soul. I hope that every dance I do reveals something of myself or some wonderful thing a human can be.”

-Martha Graham

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