Setting Up My Blog

What I Did

Today I worked on tailoring my overall design to fit the content of my blog. I changed the theme and selected a picture of me dancing to connect to the tagline. I also added a main menu with a home tab, gallery tab, and an about tab. I began to collect images to upload to the gallery tab and brainstormed potential links from my dance performances to add as a widget on a sidebar. This will be work in progress as I continue to upload blogs and develop my blog identity.

Why I Did It

The theme that I chose I feel best represents my overall purpose for this blog. I hope to put my personal identity picture and description from project one into the “About” tab. This is just so there is a little personalization and so that readers can better understand my choices of blogs posts and picture uploads.


“After I perform, I hope the audience is excited, inspired, and taken away from their everyday grind or work. Perhaps even inspired enough to get up and dance themselves.”

-Lenore Pavlakos

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