What I Did

Today I changed the theme to one that was simpler and more appealing on the eye. I also changed the background color from black to white so that the header image is the primary focus and there is no distraction from the background. I focused much less on the design of my blog however and more on the inner workings of it. I added my personal identity project to the about page and renamed it “Dancer Bio.” I aligned the image with the text so that it was seamlessly incorporated. I also created a “P2” category for all of the posts that are tied to the second project. I’ll continue to add these for each project as they come up. I also collected some inspiring dance quotes that I want to incorporate into every blog post to make them more interesting. I went back in to edit my old blog posts and included a quote since I didn’t start doing this from the beginning. Finally, I created a gallery widget to display in a sidebar to add a little more personalization. I’m going to try and post a new picture everyday and connect it in some way to my tagline which describes my personal identity. For instance, I posted one to correspond with the first day I created my blog and it was a picture of a dancer stretching. The caption I included was “A great performance starts with the right preparation.”

Why I Did It

To incorporate more of the dancing aspect to my blog I changed the about tab name to dancer bio. I think this is a little more creative and quirky. I want to start making my blog more unique and less about just completing the assignments. The reason I added the P2 category was to make it easier to find specific posts when needed. My idea with the gallery and captions is that the picture will coincide with whatever I am working on at the time. This is just to have another element of interest. The first picture is about starting and prepping my blog. The dancer in the picture is warming her feet up and stretching in preparation for dance. I want to continue this until the completion of this course. I eventually want to have a lot of nooks and crannies for readers to explore in my blog.

“Dancers work and live from the inside. They drive themselves, constantly producing a glow that lights not only themselves but audience after audience.”

-Murray Louis


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