Multimodal Dig

Multimodal texts:

  1. Writer/designer textbook- V, S, L, G
  2. Lily Pulitzer agenda- V, S, L
  3. Michael Kohrs wallet- V, S, L
  4. Credit card- V, L
  5. Hokie passport- V, L, GMultimodal photo
  6. Driver’s license- V, L, G
  7. Change (pennies, dimes)- V, A, G
  8. $10 bill- V, L, G
  9. Chapstick- V
  10. Trident layers gum- V
  11. Breathsavers spearmints- V, S
  12. Food Lion card- V
  13. VT keychain- V
  14. Safety alarm- V, A, L
  15. Highlighters- V, G
  16. Stickers- V, G

None of the text that I have in my possession incorporate all of the modes of communication, at least not that i’m aware of. I notice that all of the texts are visual in some aspect because as a reader, I can see color, size, layout, and style of the text. Most of the text incorporates words of some sort, whether it be a brand logo or descriptive text as in the textbook. Most of these texts were probably created in the last 5 years or so (hopefully not the mints or gum) so they share similar characteristics like modern trends with writing and design, etc.

The two texts that are the most dissimilar are the stickers and the textbook. The stickers have no words whereas the textbook is the most wordy text that I have in my backpack. The stickers are mostly visual with some gestural aspects and therefore are more simplistic in my mind. Their purpose is to make things look cute, for instance, I added a heart on Valentine’s Day in my calendar. The textbook incorporates many more modes such as visual, spatial, linguistic, and gestural. The purpose of this text it to inform/educate, slightly more professional than stickers and therefore is more engaging with the different modes working together.

The most unusual text that I have with me today is something that I carry everyday on my keychain. Its a safety alarm that will sound if I pull on the chain. This is the only text that I could think of today that was aural.

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