Choosing My Interface

Switching gears into my next project

The tool that I chose was History In Motion. I’m intrigued by unique, historical events so that is what initially attracted me to this tool. When I investigated further, I became really interested in the way progression of time could be shown through visuals like maps and timelines.

For instance, one of the example provided on the site was the timeline of events that played out when there was an intruder to the White House in September of 2014. The visual was a map of the inside of the White House and pin-pointed were the ways he entered the White House and what he did while inside.

This tool incorporates most of the modes of communication with specific focus on linguistic, visual, spatial, and gestural. This tool uses text and images, as well as many moving parts so its engaging and interactive, which I like. I’m wondering if it can incorporate the aural mode… I guess I will find out!

When choosing this tool, I also thought about how I could use it for the remix a story project. I could outline events of a fairytale or other timeless story. I’ve never worked with a tool like this before so I am excited to explore more.

Stay tuned for when I clue you in to what I’ve found!

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

-Alan W. Watts

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