Project 3 Checklist

Checklist Observations

I have all of the areas of analysis complete for my web essay including rhetorical situation, design, modes of communication, as well as affordances and constraints, I just need to reformat the information to be visually appealing on my site. I also need to incorporate my screenshots and insert them where appropriate. Finally, I have incorporated navigation on the bottom of each of my pages. I need to check that these are direct readers to the proper page.

What I Did

I have linked my navigation to the appropriate pages. I also inserted all of my material onto my site but as mentioned before, I need to design it to flow well from page to page. I also inserted my link to my presentation which I completed.

Why I Did It

Now that I have all of my text on the site I can work on the design, which I think is just as critical as the text itself. Inserting the link to my presentation will allow readers a more visual explanation of my analysis of the interface and another interactive element to my project.


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