Exploring Other Tools- Trello

I found Trello to be the most interesting tool that was presented today. I am the type of person who likes to make lists so this tool would be great for me because it is in a league of its own when it comes to to-do lists.

I could use this tool to visually represent my to-do lists for school projects or even household chores like doing laundry. This tool is appealing to the eye and I would be very satisfied to move a completed task over to a “Completed” list. This would be very motivational to see how much I have finished and what I still have to do.

I especially liked that stickers could be used to make tasks stand out like the clock. Most of my school work is time sensitive so I would use this icon a lot. I could also make each list distinct by using different colors to separate school from work, etc.

Since I have a type-A personality, I can definitely see myself utilizing Trello.

“Its like dance is a metaphor for going beyond where you think you can go.”

-Jennifer Grey

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