Timeline for Project 4

What I Did/Why I Did It

I explored the tool FlipHTML5 because I want to create a catalogue for Drosselmeyer’s toy company. I think that this is a great tool that will allow me to take risks with InDesign as well as learning how to use the tool itself.

I also brainstormed ideas to include in my catalogue. I want to create an ad for Drosselmeyer’s puppetry performances, create a featured toy of the month, include an about the owner section, as well as incorporate a page or two where readers can view/purchase the toys. I want a variety of writing and pictures as well as different styes of content to make the catalogue interesting.

I looked at a few examples of company catalogues to get inspiration for design and layout. I have never designed anything before, especially not of this length so I needed to do some research to see what is already out there.

Here is the timeline that I created to keep me on track for this project.

Work Schedule

4/13-4/15: Brainstorm content and create draft of storyboard

4/15-4/19: Design and complete content for ad and owner bio

4/20-4/22: Design and complete content for featured toy

4/23-4/26: Design and complete content for toy catalogue and mock article

4/27-5/29: Design front cover of catalogue

{In-class presentation sometime between 4/29-5/6}

4/30-5/3: Create visual/photo element for 2 page spread

5/4-5/6: Last minute additions of creative touches and writing reflection memo

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