Documenting Assets

What I Did/Why I Did It

For the online class today, I worked in InDesign to create my ad as well as an owner bio. I collected images and wrote the content. These are currently in the draft stage but they will be finished by this weekend.


Like most magazines and catalogs do I will be citing the source directly under the image like this example from People Magazine. I am mimicking the style of real publishings because this is how readers would expect it to appear. Under the writings that I create, I will state “By: Maggie Hutzel.” This way, I am making myself as the author readily evident. Furthermore, the date of the publication will be listed at the bottom of the catalog so that readers ave a general understanding of the time frame when these were written and can use them as a reference.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.37.05 AM(This picture makes me wish I was doing the same thing… or eating a donut)


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