Dancer Bio

There’s the old saying, put on a good show.” This transfers over to my presence online. I like to present myself, as the performer or poster, in the best manner for whatever the site or whomever the audience may be.

Each site is like a certain style of dance, which caters to a particular audience. The contemporary dance is for the art, music, and/or food enthusiasts who are in touch with their creative side. These online users are very expressive. This to me is like Tumblr or Pinterest.Mhutzel Online Identity

The ballet dance is for the more rigid professionals such as those on LinkedIn. A more disciplined facet is exhibited on this site.

The jazz or hip hop dance is for my friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is upbeat, trendy, and easy to stay on top of the music. This is also my go-to style of choice. I find myself grooving along to this dance or website style most often.

I’m not only passionate about performing but I enjoy evoking emotion from an audience, whether happy, sad, or anything in between. The feeling when I  get a “like” is like getting an audience on their feet in applause. To me, this means that the audience has been entertained. It’s rewarding to feel as though someone has been reached and appreciates what I, as a unique individual can contribute to a dance or the web. This connects me to people. The World Wide Web is nothing but sharing and making connections, as well as interacting with friends and even unfamiliar faces. I’ve always been told that the world is my stage, which I interpret to mean that everyone is watching and the potential to make connections online is limitless.

Because of the expansiveness of the online audience, I am constantly reminded that I should look before I leap or think about what I want my audience to see and where. I’m very conscious of what I post and to which site because there’s always going to be a critic. That’s why I always dance, and post online, like everybody’s watching.


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