Interrogate an Interface


This project focuses on analyzing an interface, and investigating its design, modes of communication, and affordances and constraints among other things. I have chosen to work with History in Motion.

I chose History in Motion as my tool because I have always been interested in historical events and and how they have shaped the present world. In all of my exploration of the web, I have never encountered a tool as powerful tool as this one that combines text, images, audio, historical maps, and animation to recreate historical scenarios with a modern, multimedia twist.I can also see myself using this tool for my next project in this class, Remix a Story. Stay tuned for that!

For another review of History in Motion, click on this link:


Want to check out more of my project? Click on any of the links below to begin your tour! 

Overview ⇔ Rhetorical Situation ⇔ Design ⇔  Modes of Communication Affordances/Constraints ⇔ Conclusion

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