Overall, my experience with History in Motion was a good one. Creating unique, multimedia scenarios can be accomplished in just four simple steps. However, some further instruction is required to unlock the potential of more advanced scenarios such as geocoding to upload maps and knowledge of HTML to customize texts and icons. This can be timely to learn but gaining this knowledge can lead to expert looking presentations. Aside from the minimal constraints, History in Motion is a great interface for those looking for a way to explore explore history in a way that was never before possible. Whether your a teacher, student, or just someone interested in history, this is a great tool to use.

Want more? Take a peek at my in-class presentation for a quick and dirty overview or a scenario that I created using the interface. 

Overview ⇔ Rhetorical Situation ⇔ Design ⇔  Modes of Communication Affordances/Constraints ⇔ Conclusion

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