Rhetorical Situation


The intended audience for History in Motion says specifically history enthusiasts looking to create animated historical timelines or scenarios. Although, a potential secondary audience  might be teachers looking to create interactive lesson plans or grade-school students to lifelong learners interested in studying a historical event in a more visual way.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.41.40 PM


The primary purpose of this interface is to allow history enthusiasts the ability create and share multimedia, animated historical scenarios without having to know programming, graphics, animation, or digital cartography.

A secondary intention of this interface may be that Google Earth had no user interface for creating and editing events, and there was no way to control the rate at which historical time passed. The author decided to build an app that would remedy those shortcomings –and, incidentally, help himself to understand history better by showing events actually moving across terrain in “real time.”

Below is an image from a personal project I worked on which details the mystery of the missing Malyasia Flight MH370. This was a recent event that interested me so to learn more about what happened, I simply recreated the actual flight path and intended flight path, as well as other facts pertaining to this event like its last known spotting. It really helped me visualize what occurred that fateful day.

Step 3 Cont.

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