Site Information


This site is brought to you by WordPress, an online, open source website creation tool. This is an excellent resource to showcase the work I have completed in this class.


I chose the Twenty Eleven theme for WordPress for many reasons. The Twenty Eleven theme is “sophisticated, lightweight, and adaptable” and includes a Showcase page template that gives me the ability to transform my front page into a stage to show off my best content. To read the full theme description, click here.


One of the first widgets I added to my page was a follow button. I know I won’t be getting much traffic on my site but I think it speaks to my openness and willingness to engage with my audience. I also created a short bio in the sidebar using the Photo and Text widgets. This is my senior year dance headshot.


The header photo was taken by Caitlin Werle, a student photographer who shot photos for my dance company’s show. I am pictured in the far left. The photos in the gallery under my about page were also taken by Caitlin Werle along with a few images from Google.

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