Design Samples

These are some photos that I took and captioned using Photoshop for a Visual Media class I am currently enrolled in for the Spring 2015 semester. The assignment was to capture a day in the life of the the New River Valley. I chose the Duck Pond to focus on as the backdrop for all of my pictures. This is one of my favorite places to visit close to campus. When the weather is nice, this is where others and myself spend time reading, studying, having a picnic or simply getting closer to nature. I thought that the water, trees, and sky would be a unique setting to take my pictures for this project, as it is a well-recognized attraction that is unique to our school. The students of Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community are also very active so I knew I could count on those individuals enjoying the weather and participating in outdoor activities to be my subjects. There were plenty of fishers, joggers, walkers, duck feeders, readers, studiers, and many more to have as the subjects of my photos. This is very representative of our community and how we spend our weekends taking a break from the stress of work and classes, to enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful landscapes that surround Blacksburg. Its hard to believe that these pictures were taken the first weekend in February; the weather was so nice and here I am writing this with snow on the ground in zero degree weather!

(Time for my close up! Click on any image to enlarge it.)

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