Upon logging in to this tool, the last scenario that was being worked on appears. The title of the scenario is clearly displayed in the upper left hand corner where the eye travels first, almost like a focal point to direct readers’ attention and alert them to the topic. Since the primary purpose of this interface is to allow individuals to create animated scenarios, this use of emphasis, having the map and toolbar prominently displayed is an effective design choice.


The toolbar menu is a black, bolded text to make the functions of the interface easy to locate. These are centered at the top of the page and are the most emphasized textual element. The toolbar is also the primary text on this interface. Most of the tool utilizes visual aspects. There is also a significant amount of white space. The interface is not too busy allowing users to quickly identify what they are looking for.


The History in Motion interface is organized into one horizontal and one vertical column of information. The top of the page includes the most critical information regarding the functioning of the interface. Information regarding how to manipulate the map is located on the vertical column on the left side of the page.



The spacing between icons and events in specific scenarios provides users with a better understanding of how events in time interacted. Visualizing the distance in both space and time between events also provides an understanding of their effects on history. Events grouped together have greater impact and a closer relationship than those occurring in a different time zone or continent.

Each event is appropriately aligned with regards to the map and where each scenario occurred. For instance, paths can be aligned to follow roads or river.


Overview ⇔ Rhetorical Situation ⇔ Design ⇔  Modes of Communication Affordances/Constraints ⇔ Conclusion

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