Exploring Project 4

After looking through some of the examples of remix a story projects, I noticed a few things that made projects stand out as strong projects. Those projects that incorporated more modes of communication made them more interesting and interactive. Since this project is creative and fun, it makes sense to create something that is both creative and fun.

The projects that also put a modern twist on classic stories engaged myself as a reader more. Even though I have heard most of the classic fairytale and fiction stories as a child and can connect in that aspect, I still found the projects that maintained the basic plot of the story but added a modern twist such as referencing currents events or trends, more interesting.

I think the Hunger Games, Time Magazine Edition did the best job digitizing a story. It looks very professional and life-like. I could see that in printed form and being distributed. Having the ability to flip pages using the FlipHTML5 interface makes it seem as though I’m actually reading a magazine but provides that modern twist I was talking about since everything is online now a days.

Here is a list of stories I’m considering working with:

  1. The Nutcracker
  2. The Little Mermaid
  3. Swan Lake
  4. Peter Pan

I’m considering these because they are all some of the most popular and most famous ballets. I have performed a role in each of these and it all ties back to my online identity. I also think people know these stories so I wouldn’t have a problem in that aspect and I doubt a lot of other people have used these stories before so I can do something new and different.

“I feel like dance, by its nature, goes so easily to grand and beautiful.”

           -Ira Glass


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