Project 4 Proposal

The story that I decided to remix is The Nutcracker. I’ve chosen to focus on the scenes where the character Clara is taken on an adventure through the Kingdom of Sweets. What I want to do is create a digital scrapbook of her journey and have a page for each character that she meets along the way. I could use the tool Smilebox which is a free digital scrapbooking tool. This tool will incorporate all of the modes of communication. The scrapbook itself is a visual thing. The use of captions is the linguistic mode. The pages of the scrapbook can be flipped which incorporates the gestural mode and the facial expressions on the characters in the images I will include will be gestural as well. Finally, the aural mode can be incorporated by uploading music and sound effects.

Here are the list of sources that will guide me throughout this project:


I’m still not sold on this idea so I will be sure to update this as things progress. I know there is an awesome idea waiting out there to be found I just need to find it.

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